The 42th GRACE Seminar on Advanced Software Science and Engineering

The 42th GRACE Seminar on Advanced Software Science and Engineering

Time: 10:00-12:00, October. 1st, 2010
Place:Meeting Room (2010), 20F, National Institute of Informatics

Inquiry: Nobukazu Yoshioka (
Fee: Free
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10:00-10:20 Introduction to NII Academic Cloud: edubase Cloud
by Nobukazu Yoshioka, NII

10:20-11:15 A Cloud that Works – NC State Experience with VCL
by Prof. Mladen A. Vouk, N.C. State University, USA

11:15-12:00 Software Engineering at NC State
by Prof. Mladen A. Vouk, N.C. State University, USA


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Introduction to NII Academic Cloud: edubase Cloud

NII’s Cloud, edubase Cloud, provides cloud platform services to Japan’s academic and research community. The cloud is developed using open source technologies. By focusing on partnerships and other joint efforts with universities and research institutions throughout Japan, as well as industries and civilian organizations, NII creates state-of-the-art information infrastructure to support education within Japan’s broader academic and research community. This talk introduces the cloud and illustrates how it is efficiently used on education and research area.

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A Cloud that Works – NC State Experience with VCL:

NC State’s Virtual Computing Laboratory (VCL) is one of the first production clouds operating in an institution of higher learning. The cloud provides services that range from hardware-as-a-service, to infrastructure-as-a-service, to platform and software-as-a-service, to high-performance computing. We serve thousands of students across North Carolina and VCL is now being implemented at dozens of other locations across USA and the world. This talk discusses VCL architecture, our experience with it, and lessons learned.

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Software Engineering at NC State

NC State’s Computer Science Department is one of the oldest in the USA. All our students (graduate and undergraduate) are required to take software engineering courses, and we have a very vibrant SE research program that ranges from software requirements engineering, to software process engineering, to software testing, reliability and fault-tolerance, to computer-human interface engineering. This talk presents the structure of our program, its faculty and some of the achievements.


Mladen A. Vouk received Ph.D. from the King’s College , University of London , U.K. He is Department Head and Professor of Computer Science, and Associate Vice Provost for Information Technology at N.C. State University, Raleigh, N.C., U.S.A. Dr. Vouk has extensive experience in both commercial software production and academic computing. He is the author/co-author of over 250 publications. His research and development interests include software engineering, scientific computing, information technology (IT) assisted education, and high-performance computing and networks. Dr. Vouk has extensive professional visibility through organization of professional meetings, membership on professional journal editorial boards, and professional consulting. Dr. Vouk is a member of the IFIP Working Group 2.5 on Numerical Software, and a recipient of the IFIP Silver Core award. He is an IEEE Fellow, and a member of several IEEE societies, ASQ , ACM , and Sigma Xi.

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