Linking the world’s intelligence and sending out new wisdom to society and the world

GRACE Center produces leading-edge research results in software engineering, in collaboration with overseas research institutions. The Center also ties up with industries to produce research results geared to the actual needs of society.

From theory to practice

The mission of GRACE Center is to reveal development methods and tools for reliable software that functions as the basis of daily lives, with consideration given to social needs. For this mission, GRACE Center has analyzed demand for present and next-generation software through collaboration between industry and academia, and has launched projects to suit those needs.

Also, groups are formed to address individual areas of technology, to gather together the world’s most recent research results in each area, to broaden the potential for development. The projects and groups have been combined in a cross-sectional manner, to enable research activities to proceed from broad perspectives.

GRACE Center takes a scientific approach, and encourages the research and development of methodologies and tools based on theories, mainly by academic institutions, while supporting the practical application and commercialization of research results, mainly by corporations, and providing education and distribution. GRACE Center offers occasions for fusing the solid theories that can ensure safety for society with the practical know-how to enable application in the workplace.

To the world

In collaboration with overseas research institutes, GRACE Center will continue to present to the world the latest research results on software engineering theories and practice. In addition to collaborating individually with overseas research groups, GRACE Center serves as a hub for global-level collaboration in a cross-sectional manner across organizations and research areas, through joint workshops and other occasions.

From GRACE Center to the future

GRACE Center serves as a place where individual researchers can develop their research outcomes and present them to the community. For young researchers, GRACE Center is a valuable place to acquire international, practical and broad perspectives. The activities at GRACE Center produce top-level global researchers who can go on to play leading roles in the future (Top REs).

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