Aiming to become a national center for realizing innovations through a tripartite approach

Shinichi Honiden
GRACE Center

In recent years, defects in software systems have led to a succession of major social issues. As a result, the vulnerability of software systems has become apparent and today it is widely recognized that software systems represent risks to the information society. Furthermore, the software systems being developed have increased in scale, complexity, sophistication and diversity each year. Under these circumstances, there is an expectation that genuinely useful and solid research results will yield the efficient development of dependable, high-quality software systems. For this purpose, there is spiraling innovation through mutual influence between the research side comprising universities and research institutes and the corporate development side. In addition, it is necessary to cultivate high-level human resources capable of implementing the innovations.
Therefore, our Center intends to engage in tripartite operations consisting of research, practice and education founded on international collaboration and the collaboration between industry and academia, thereby giving material substance to true innovation.

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