Aiming to become a national center for conveying information on quality manufacturing founded on science

The following issues have emerged through software development initiatives in recent years.

  • Cutting-edge and basic research is insufficient in Japan, such as that for assuring the safety of large-scale software systems.
  • There is a disparity between research and development on site, when viewed from practical application of the research results.
  • An insufficient number of top-level SEs have an understanding of science.

GRACE Center attempts to turn out the world’s top-level researchers (Top REs) and cultivate Top SEs through its tripartite operations comprising research, education and practice, at the same time producing leading international research results by pursuing research activities as its core function. Also, the Center provides the following functions as a hub for collaborating organizations.

  1. A hub for ties with international research institutes (mid- to long-term leading-edge and basic research and development that can lead to practical applications)
  2. The hub of collaboration between the industries and academia (application for practical issues through joint research)
  3. The hub of human resource development (base for developing and disseminating teaching materials and the provision of education)

Facilitates the cultivation of Top REs and Top SEs through tripartite activities involving research, practice and education, with research activities at the core

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