Education Programs and Projects

Featuring a tripartite approach consisting of research, education and practice through international partnership and cooperation between industry and academia, GRACE Center promotes education programs based on the unique educational principles of linking the cutting-edge research results of software engineering with problems in the field.
Based on unique education principles, the Center currently implements multiple education programs by actively utilizing diverse sources of external funds.
GRACE Center strives to create synergy by organically linking these diverse education programs.

All education programs operated at the GRACE Center focus on the development of educational materials.
The great feature is to work with international researchers and businessmen from industry to develop educational materials.
Also, the educational materials developed will be available to universities and businesses nationwide widely through the inter-institute educational materials perfection project of the Leading IT Specialist Training Promotion Program.

Based on the results of the education programs, related projects such as the education of advanced IT human resources, the development of educational materials, the development of educational IT tools, and survey and research related to IT education are conducted.

Education Programs

Top SE Project

The Top SE Project is an education program aimed at cultivating “Super Architects” who can make full use of powerful tools in the practical field of software system construction. This project is funded by the Science and Technology Promotion Adjustment Fund (from fiscal 2004 to 2008) under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The project is designed to cultivate the next generation of leaders in the software industry through the use of advanced teaching.




edubase Cloud

“edubase Cloud” can create an environment in which you can acquire necessary IT resources when needed, and can test your ideas without restraint. Utilization of Cloud in the actual training grounds is expected, from basic technology of Cloud to Project Base Learning in the IT field.

edubase Space

“edubase Space” offers an ideal educational environment in advanced IT human resource development, in which students are encouraged to discover problems and cultivate their imagination. It supports education conducted in various styles, including lectures, discussions, group work, as well as distance learning.

edubase Stream

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