Leading IT Specialist Training Promotion Program(2010 Closed)

Content of Educational materials for the Education of Advanced IT Human Resources Striving for the continual development and circulation of the content of teaching materials

The “Leading IT Specialist Training Promotion Program” aims at cultivating the leading IT specialists who have the ability to take the initiative in software development in companies and other entities. The program has been conducted in university institutes nationwide (eight institutes as of fiscal 2008) since fiscal 2006, supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

The Inter-institute teaching materials perfection project involves the construction of portal sites, the development of copyright guidelines to disseminate and expand educational materials, the joint development of educational materials, improvement and editing of educational materials, and the holding of international symposiums, with the objective of efficiently disseminating and expanding nationwide educational materials developed through diverse education programs at the institutes.

Promoting the Nationwide Dissemination and Expansion of
Good Teaching Materials ? Use and Reuse

Promoting the dissemination of educational materials developed in institutes amongst universities and businesses nationwide

  • Various types of educational materials
    Educational materials for PBL, FD, and the lecture course for
    the development of human resources engaged in software development, etc.
  • Diverse forms of educational materials
    Video content, PDF content, PPT content, etc.

Activities to promote the use of educational materials

  • Development of copyright guidelines concerning the use and reuse of educational materials
  • Training for instructors, information-sharing

Activities as a central institute for improvement, editing, dissemination and the use of educational materials

  • Liaison office for teachers
  • Liaison office for businesses and researchers

New development and planning of educational materials to meet the needs of universities and businesses

  • Planning of teaching materials to solve issues and to accommodate the needs of businesses
The portal site “” is aimed at continuously disseminating and developing educational materials, which are the outcomes of the “Leading IT Specialist Training Promotion Program” at each institute, and playing a central role in development of educational materials for the cultivation of IT human resources.

Features of the Inter-institute Portal (Planned)

Provision of video educational materials, in addition to conventional educational materials in the form of PowerPoint and PDF files.
Inter-institute content search available through the inter-institute portal
Provision of the popularity display function, such as the number of hits on content and review results
Provision of a place in which teachers can release educational materials themselves
Two distribution options selectable for teachers who create and release content

  • Distribution from the institute’s own server
  • Distribution from the common server of the inter-institute portal

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