EnsemSCS Project: Dependable Ensemble of Software Components and Services

Superior Software and Service Configurations with Reuse

Project Outline

It is well known that significant gains in productivity and reliability can be achieved if quality-certified software components and services are reused. This is, however, not an easy thing to do. It requires an ensemble technology that enables systematic reuse of software components and services, making overall adjustments and combinations. A number of companies and institutions have begun to disclose and offer large-scale components and Web services on the network. Still, it is difficult to find component groups and service groups that meet the requirements and are appropriate for assembly, given the lack of accurate and efficient search techniques. Consequently, a practical distribution and circulation mechanism for components and services has yet to be formed.

In response, we are establishing a methodology that compares the features of software component groups and service groups found on wide-area networks like the Internet, makes selections with references to the integral rules, and then assembles them into highly-dependable enterprise software applications. Specifically, our focus is on establishing techniques for enhancing compositional compatibility and affinity of component and service sets, by measuring the structural and behavioral compatibility and affinity, and referring to an even greater number of integral rules and information in other aspects in component-based, service-oriented development work.

The major contributions of this project will make include searching and identifying replaceable software components and services when they are assembled for compounding and synthesis. Moreover, the mechanism and values that can deal with future rapid changes in business models may be brought to existing enterprise information systems. The outcomes may also be applied to the configuration of service and business processes based on service-oriented architecture.

Major partner organizations

Waseda University : Hironori Washizaki, Yoshiaki Fukazawa, Atsuto Kubo
National Institute of Informatics : Nobukazu Yoshioka, Fuyuki Ishikawa
Chulalongkorn University : Somjai Boonsiri

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