FMET Project: Towards Formal Methods Body of Knowledge (FMBOK)

Building Body of Knowledge on Formal Methods

Peroject Outline

Advanced programs on software engineering, including our Top SE program, have incorporated many lectures on Formal Methods (FM). Nonetheless, there are no coherent or organized guidelines or instructions for teaching FM. For instance, SWEBOK and CCSE, which have been standardized by IEEE CS and ACM, cover only a small portion of FM, and do not provide systematic guidelines or curricula on FM. There have been some studies of formal method education, but very few have dealt with the body of knowledge.

According to this observation, we will establish a new international workshop for formal methods, called FMET (Formal Methods Education and Training), which will provide a forum for discussions on the development and advocacy of a Formal Methods Body of Knowledge (FMBOK), with a particular focus on the key issues in formal methods education at universities and businesses. These workshop discussions, will, we hope, be catalyst for actions towards the international standardization of FMBOK.

Major partner organizations and members

National Institute of Informatics : Kenji Taguchi (leader)
University of Oxford : Jim Davies, Jeremy Gibbons
University of Limerick,Lero : Mike Hinchey
Museohile/London South Bank University: Jonathan Bowen


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