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◆◆第84回GRACEセミナー ◆◆

【会場】国立情報学研究所(NII) 20F ミーティングルーム(2009/2010)
〒101-8430 東京都千代田区一ツ橋2-1-2





Title: Decision Making via Model Checking

Speaker: Prof. Jin Song Dong, Griffith and NUS

This seminar focuses on applying model checking to planning, goal reasoning,
prediction, strategy analysis and decision making based on the process
analysis toolkit (PAT). PAT integrates the expressiveness of state, event,
time, and probability-based languages with the power of model checking. PAT
currently supports various modeling languages with many application domains
and has attracted thousands of registered users from hundreds of
organizations. In this talk, we will also present an overview of IIIS and
some ongoing and future research projects, i.e., “goal analytics for
autonomous systems” and “formal analysis of blockchain based smart


Professor Jin Song Dong is the director of the Institute for Integrated
Intelligent Systems (IIIS) at Griffith University. IIIS has 40 faculty
members and 80 PhD students working on AI, Autonomous Systems, Computer
Vision, Logic & Symbolic Reasoning, Knowledge & Software Engineering, Cyber
Security, Signal Processing, Machine Learning, VR, Information System and
Data Analytics. Since 1998 Jin Song has been in the School of Computing at
the National University of Singapore (NUS) where he received full
professorship in 2016. His research is in the areas of formal methods, model
checking, semantic technology, safety & security critical systems and
probabilistic reasoning. He co-founded PAT reasoning system which has
attracted 3000+ registered users from 900+ organizations in 72 countries.
Currently, he is the lead Investigator for Singapore-UK joint project on
smart grid security and privacy (with Andrew Martin from Oxford University).
He is the co-investigator of “Securify: A Compositional Approach of
Building Security Verified System “(5M USD), “Trustworthy systems from
untrusted Components” (5M USD), and Singtel-NUS Cyber Security joint lab
(33M USD). Jin Song is on the editorial board of ACM Transaction on Software
Engineering and Methodology and Formal Aspects of Computing. Jin Song has
been a Visiting Fellow at Oxford University, UK, and a Visiting Professor at
National Institute of Informatics, Japan. He has successfully supervised 25
PhD students and many of them have become tenure track faculty members in
the leading universities around the world, including NTU, SUTD, HUST, Monash
U, Auckland U and Tianjin U.

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